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Blazer 5/16/2010

1989 Chevrolet S10 Blazer Base 6 Cyl 4.30L


What else is there to replace to correct engine miss, distributor?

1989 S10 chevy blazer, 4.3 TBI, automatic, 2rwd.
Engine idle has dead miss. Also while @ interstate speeds on occassion engine pops once, as though engine quits running but it is still running, still a dead miss while running on highway.
Basic compression #1 thru #6 from 115psi to 125psi.
Noticed while running basic compression reading there was what smells & appears as gas from cylinders, driver's side # 5 & passenger's # 6, although engine compression shows 115 to 125 psi.
Have had exhause checked, shop says no problem there.
Installed distributor rotor & cap.
Spark plugs are almost new & gapped by factory specs. AC plug # R43TS.
AC Delco plug wire set is almost new.
Checked continuity @ each plug wire. Replaced external coil due to clicking noise, sounded electrical. While idling engine passenger's side plug wire was electrifying to touch.
Distributor & engine was replaced approximately 2 to 3 yrs. ago but vehicle has not been driven daily. Considering distibutor replacement.

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Blazer 5/24/2010

Found & solved the trouble.
Passed emmission CO 7 HC 0, etc.
Thanks for reading anyway.


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