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Steve Marshall

Steve ... 8/6/2018

2005 Mercury Montego Premier 6 Cyl 3.00L

Body & Interior

I need to replace the car audio

The radio has quit working, no power. Fuses are good. I've been told that if I replace it with something store bought, I would need to match it to the onboard computer. If that is true, if I replace it with an oem unit, would I need to match it as well?

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Teddy B

Teddy B 8/7/2018

What you do is Remove the OEM Radio yourself.

Call United Radio in East Syracuse,New York

They have a Web Site & will send you a UPS Label,so shipping is free,both ways.

The tech you speak to will diagnose & repair your radio & program it to your vehicles
VIN # & send it back to you.

I used them & found them by asking a Ford Dealer what they do & that was one place
they use.

I have a 2004 Lincoln L/S & it worked for me.

I think they repair a lot of electronics for many applications.

I doubt any aftermarket radio would be able to communicate with with the Ford Can Buss.

My car has that starting around 2003,I do not know if yours does.

You would have to find a work around or rewire or use some type of adapter & that
would best be left to the car stereo shops that have the knowledge.

Teddy B

Steve Marshall 8/7/2018

My plan was to purchase another oem radio to replace it with rather than messing with the aftermarket. Just want sure if oem was good regardless or if it would also need computer pared.

Can you give me an idea of approximate cost for repair and possible time frame? I know the variable of "what" exists. Just looking for a ballpark to plan on. I will add more to it regardless. Thanks.

Teddy B

Teddy B 8/7/2018

You would have to ask at a dealers parts counter on avail & price.
They will charge you retail or anything they want.
That is not a solution or affordable option,so forget that.
Just have yours repaired
This is a chat room or forum,there is no ball park on anything in the auto world.
You could buy a used one like yours at a salvage yard & by the time you pay to
program it,you would be out hundreds.
What a time frame have to do with anything,fix your radio,replace it,go without a
radio,pick one.

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