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pheben 9/15/2012
2000 Saturn SW2 Base 4 Cyl 1.9L - Brakes
Do I need to replace my brake pads or a wheel bearing?
My Saturn sw2 is making a high pitch squeaking noise when I am going faster than 25. When I turn, the noise stops. The noise is coming from the front passenger side wheel.
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  • david
    david 9/15/2012
    there is a metal tab between brake pad & roter when pad weres down it rubs on roter &makes squeaking noise fore wheel bearing have it cheked by mechanic
    pheben 11/6/2012
    I checked the brakes and were in great shape. I just removed the sheen from the pads. The squeaking has changed to a clunking when I drive a slower speeds. Any ideas?

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