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D. Foley

D. Foley 6/5/2019

2012 Jeep Liberty Jet 6 Cyl 3.70L

Body & Interior

repair of passenger side mirror and trunk lock

passenger side mirror snapped off (mounting arm bent too). Body damage to fiberglass around wheelwell.
Lower half of trunk won't unlock.
Driver's side front seat with cracked leather.
Is this worth repairing ? Has 72k miles

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Jimm 6/8/2019

There are no exact methods to answer your question, as you will have to determine this for yourself.

Recommend a couple of ideas to help you decide;

how long do you plan to drive and keep this vehicle?

overall condition and maintenance history of the vehicle?

total cost (parts and labor) for the repairs = both major and minor - for the planned time of ownership?

overall costs to purchase / upkeep of another vehicle?

Research and obtain some vehicle purchase guidelines; www.autoMD.com; www.kbb.com; www.edmunds.com; to list only a few.


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