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DAVID ... 9/23/2012

1999 Volkswagen Beetle GLS 4 Cyl 2.0L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

removing oil pan>2 screws behind flywell can not get a tool to remove them(flyweel in the way!)how can they be removed??

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HouseCallAuto 9/23/2012

3185 and 3249 special tools that will cost too much. you can use a 1/4" drive 'wobble drive" extension and 10mm socket and succeed. Vw's use sealant between the pan and block, not a gasket. Are you sure the leak is from the pan to block seal? Some have leaked from the valve cover and it runs down the block. There is also an o ring seal between the oil cooler and the block those can also leak.


DAVID SMITH 9/24/2012

No leak,ran over man hole cover which trashed oil pan now need to replace pan (if ever I can get it off,nex step will be to cut aroung holes with air gun to get to screws,,,but I wory how to screw on new pan!!! What are tools 3185 &3249 and where to buy them? Taanks so much Dave.Tryed useing wobble 1/4 & 10 mm socket but will NOT fit between flyweel and screw.!!!


HouseCallAuto 9/24/2012

try google search. But I have to tell you, everyone that is having difficulty with those bolts are using wobble drive and thinwall 10mm socket.

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