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Needin ... 1/11/2017

1995 Mercury Cougar XR-7 6 Cyl 3.80L

Body & Interior

Removing a front tire

I am trying to remove a front tire on my cougar and am having trouble removing what I believe to be the lock nut and have ended up stripping it severely. Any ideas on how I can remove this nut?

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Jimm 1/11/2017

Need more information - are you referring to the hub spindle nut on the wheel spindle?

If yes, and it is damaged or stripped, the easiest method to remove is to split the spindle nut using a hammer and chisel.
If the spindle and threads are damaged as result, then the spindle itself will need to be replaced. If the spindle is replaced, then the front wheel hub bearing assembly will also need to be replaced at the same time.

Try these on-line resources for the replacement parts: www.autopartswarehouse.com, www.partsgeek.com, www.rockauto.com, www.partstrain.com - to list a few.

For example, they (RockAuto) list the replacement front hub bearing assembly from around $23.00 each for your vehicle.


Thank you very much for your assistance, I believe that may what I am referring to, I apologize for being so vague. I cannot find the proper name on the internet and I got the car without a manual. It's somewhat tucked into the rim and not fully exposed but I got the other 4 nuts off no problem but this one is giving me fits.

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