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robert felton

robert ... 9/27/2014

2001 Ford Focus SE 4 Cyl 2.00L

Body & Interior

remove rear door speaker panel

cleaning speaker panel of spilled coke.

1 Answer


Jimm 9/27/2014

1) Look for a small hole in the door-pull handle cover. Insert a small screw driver into the hole to pry the cover off. Remove the two screws behind the cover.

2) Pull the door latch handle and remove the screw that is behind it. Pull the entire plastic trim in and around the door latch handle and disconnect the electrical wires behind it.

3) Pop the plastic cover next to the window/outside mirror off. Remove the clip behind the cover with a flat head screw driver. Disconnect the wires behind the cover.

4) Start in a corner of the door panel and slowly pull up, popping out seven clips around the edge of the panel. There are two clips along each side of the panel and three along the bottom.

5) Hold on to the door panel and turn it counter clockwise to remove it from the metal hooks it is resting on.

6) Disconnect any other wires behind the panel (if the car has power windows or locks) and then the panel will be completely disconnected from the door.


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