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B Moody

B Moody 7/20/2010

1989 BMW 750iL Base 12 Cyl 5.0L


Is it necessary to remove the dash to replace the ac expansion valve and it is near a firewall?

Vehicle mileage is 282,000 miles, the compressor is no longer working and the vehicle has the old R12 system and I would like to convert it. The category for my question is Heating/Cooling

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Blackwater 7/20/2010

More often than not it only requires you to remove the glove box. The you will have access to to the evaporator where the expansion valve also is.

Of course its a case to case basis, so what i'm going to do first is remove the glove box and see if i can access it from there, if not, then we're off to our last option of stripping the dash.


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