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Pete93301 11/8/2019

2004 GMC C6500 Topkick C6V042 6 Cyl 7.80L


Removable of high pressure injector pump

How to remove the high pressure injector pump. I got the nuts and bolts all off but I still cant get to pull it off.
And how do I bleed the system when I install the high pressure injector pump.

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Jimm 11/8/2019

Search YouTube or a factory service manual for the removal steps.

The pump and system should self-bleed after the fuel lines are secured and the pressure is restored.


Jimm 11/9/2019

Gear Driven Injection Pump

Disconnect the negative battery terminal
Remove any components that obstruct access to the injection pump
Disconnect all fuel lines and electrical connectors to the injector pump
Remove the injector drive gear cover, if equipped
Lock the injector drive gear in place with the locking pin
Remove the fasteners that secure the injector pump
Remove the old injector pump and clean the mounting area
Install the new injector pump and "time it" with the drive gear
Secure the new injector pump with its fasteners
Reconnect all electrical connectors and fuel lines
Install any other removed components
Reconnect the negative battery terminal and clear any codes
Start the engine and verify the injector timing with the proper tool
Perform a comprehensive test drive to verify the repair


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