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folken 5/13/2012
2004 Pontiac GTO Base 8 Cyl 5.7L - Engine
What is the recommended gap for pulstar plugs? Is it the same as normal spark plugs or different due to the type of plug
2004 pontiac gto. When i ordered them I thought it would be pre-gapped. After researching i found out they are not and i can't find any info on their site to help me.
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  • jdl
    jdl 5/13/2012
    .045 on the pulsar plugs I found. You can go to, they have the gap specs.
    folken 5/13/2012
    Thanks alot. I talked to someone else and he said that they should come pre-gapped and that i might have been looking at people who had ugrades on their car. Nonetheless thanks for the response :)

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