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Jamarhan 4/14/2010

2001 GMC Yukon XL 1500 SLT 8 Cyl 5.3L

Preventive Maintenance

rear wiper does not work...it is just a bad motor?

It worked some time, then It use to make a humming noise and the rear wiper would not move, Now it does nothing.

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1910jdl 4/14/2010

first chk the fuse if blown replace and try wiper if it blows again you have a short and could be in the motor. if fuse is good chk for power at the motor w/ a test light or meter if you have power and a good ground could be the motor or the switch see if you get power w/ the switch on. also these wipers also get stiff linkage exspecially where the shaft goes through the body . from what you describe sounds like the linkage got stiff and burned out the motor


Jamarhan 4/23/2010

Okay, got a new motor and put it in. It clicked a couple of times and then stopped working. The fuse did not appear to be blown, but I replaced it anyway. Checked the power connection, of the 5 connections, three of them are hot all the time. Re-connected the motor, clicked a couple more times then it stopped. Any other Ideas?

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