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Jimm 5/28/2011

2005 Ford F-150 XLT 8 Cyl 5.40L

Steering & Suspension

Have a right rear wheel / tire balancing question.

The right rear wheel seems to give a vibration starting around 45 MPH, then smooths out (gone) around 55 MPH. I can adjust and see in the rearview mirror the pickup bed shaking noticeably (up and down) at this speed from the harmonics -while driving. So far, the tires have been replaced with new, all four tire and wheel assmblies have been rebalanced several times, and I've replaced the rear shocks (unrelated to this issue). It's strange the vibration will just smooth out go away at speeds just above 55 MPH. I know the problem is located to the right rear (furthest from the driver seat) only. The truck has some 95k miles. Any thoughts?

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Bill 5/28/2011

Sometimes vibrations travel and give you a false sense of location. You may have a U-Joint going out, or a slightly damaged wheel. I would change right rear tire to left rear and vise versa to see if vibration changes.


Jimm 5/28/2011

Bill - thanks for the suggestions. I've changed the wheel position and the problem travels with the wheel / tire. The u-joints check OK - and besides if the u-joint was an issue it wouldn't be located in relation to a specific wheel. If it is a wheel-related issue - what could cause the problem to appear and then smooth out at a certain speed? Could a standard OEM steel wheel maybe flex or distort under certain loading conditions to cause this?


CVO 11/24/2011

Master Jimm. Happy Thanksgiving to you and family.

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