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John 2/23/2018

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 6 Cyl 3.80L

Preventive Maintenance

right rear turn signal not working

Right rear turn signal does not work. Went to replace bulb and new bulb didn't work. old bulb looked ok. all other bulbs seem to be working ok. intermittently, turn signals would act weird. turn on right blinker and left blinker would come on and vice versa.

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roland 2/24/2018

The turn signal bulbs are powered by the body control module with a seperate wire for each of the four corners of the vehicle. So if only one turn signal bulb is inoperative and you tried replacing the bulb then you need to trace the black ground wire from the bulb socket to a nearby "ground" point, and trace the other wire from the bulb socket back to pin/plug at the body control module to find out what the problem is with that wire. So verify the status of all 4 corners at the present and then I can identify which plug/pin at the body control module to trace out.


roland 2/24/2018

If it is only the right rear turn signal bulb that is not working, then the wire to is from the body control module is white/brown and comes from pin 4 of the number 2 plug at the body control module. The grounding wire is black brown at the bulb socket and goes to a near grounding point at the left rear corner of the body low near the bumper. If other bulbs are involved let me know, as then it could be the turn signal switch at the steering column.

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