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abraham deleon
abraha ... 3/16/2010
2005 Mazda 6 S 6 Cyl 3.0L - Body & Interior
rear tires touching the body edge
my rear tires touches the edge of the body with passengers since i change the wheels which brought the edge of the tires in line with the edge of the body.
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  • Bobby
    Bobby 3/16/2010
    The way i see it you have three options, 1 put the stock tires and wheels back on because those are the wheels that were engineered for the vehicle, 2 spend ALOT of money in beefing the rear suspension so that the vehicle does not sag with weight is added to the back, or 3 just don't ever have anyone i the back seat
  • LuisJhon Marc
    LuisJhon Marc 7/15/2010
    i have heard of people cutting it and "bending it" for that one reason: use of bigger tires
  • Kenneth
    Kenneth 10/4/2011
    you need to lose weight dude.
  • gabby
    gabby 12/28/2011
    I think the tires should be 215/50 R17. If they are already, then your rear coil springs might be weak.
  • ZE MX3
    ZE MX3 1/4/2012
    What size tires do you have on it? I would suggest going to a smaller series tire say for instance you have a 215/50/17 and they are rubbing try going 215/40/17 or a 205/45/17

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