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mrobin ... 12/3/2012

1995 Chevrolet K1500 Silverado 8 Cyl 5.7L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

why does my rear passenger tire lock up when I'm going in reverse?

When backing out of my driveway, which is about 30 feet, my rear passenger tire locks up & the truck practically stops. I can put it back into drive and it goes forward fine. I then can put it back in reverse and it goes fine also. It doesn't do it everytime I reverse though. The check engine light has been on for quite a while but this stopping in reverse has just started recently.

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rick 12/3/2012

The check engine light has nothing to do with it but have it checked some day . From what you say it would be one of two things . First . Might have the brake shoes on that wheel broke or the pins holding them broke and when you back up they get in a bind . If not then something in the gears in the rear diff is coming apart . Either way something should be making some kinda noise . The brakes will make a dragging noise or the rear diff will be grinding and or clunking . Oh one other thing . The park brake on that wheel may not be letting go . So when you back up it grabs and when you go forward the truck can power thru it .


erickkrotzer 3/22/2013

Mine just did this. The rear wheel brake cylinder was not returning to center properly, causing the brake shoe to wedge when I backed up. Cheap but not a super easy fix. The wheel cylinder was surprisingly inexpensive, but all the brake lines were rusted like crazy. My father also has the same pickup and his did it too. I suspect it may be a common problem. You should be able to jack it up, spin the wheel in reverse, and feel the brake tighten up if this is the issue,


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