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sergio 6/2/2011

2004 Hummer H2 Base 8 Cyl 6.0L


rear pad removal : there are two bolts for caliper removal do the two torx bolts have to be removed to replace pads?

the two torx bolts screw through caliper @ ends, which seems to be a bar that goes around to the outside of the caliper toward the outside of the veh. As opposed to running on inside toward under carriage. There are a total of four bolts.

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Jimm 6/2/2011

Remove the bolts that retain the caliper to the spindle. That way, the brake pads can be accessed and removed. Be sure to suspend the caliper securly, and not to use the brake hose to hold the weight of the caliper. I like to use a length of baling wire tied through the caliper mounting bolt holes and suspend to the coil spring - to remove the strain on the flexible brake hoses.


sergio 6/2/2011

so, jimm when I have the caliper off the rotor the pads are basically sitting there simply to be pulled out! I dont need to bother with unscrewing any torx screws!

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