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jlogan82 10/31/2010
2004 Mazda RX-8 Base 2 Cyl 1.3L - Steering & Suspension
Rear end seems low. Loud knock over large bumps at speed.
I have a 2004 rx8 and the driver side rear end looks like it sits slightly lower than the passenger side. The suspension seems to work fine (handles bumps and does not bottom out) BUT when I go over a large bump it almost seems like the car is hitting the ground. Could this be a problem with the mounts? The springs were both just replaced last year and the struts show no signs of leaking or being worn out.
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  • CVO
    CVO 10/31/2010
    The struts are more likely to be blame, but those large bumps were created to slow down the speed. Hope this helps and be safe.
  • 01NBtricked
    01NBtricked 2/27/2011
    Why are you going over large bumps at speed in a rear wheel drive POSI car, that is sport suspension tuned and such
    Bill 2/27/2011
    That is a very good Hmmmm! If speed bumps slow down, but CVO has the fix.

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