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poneyx 2/16/2013

2003 Jeep Liberty Limited 6 Cyl 3.7L

Body & Interior

Why are the rear door/window latches failing?

When I close the back gate the latch for the window is locking in an upward position in order for the hydrolic window not to close. The garage has had one other case like this, recently. My mechanic said it was the censor (or something like that) gone bad. After taking the inside panel off the back door he showed me how to manually operate the latch. Supposedly it will also take a new wiring kit to fix the problem and I can't afford the price of this repair. My question, is there a silent recall on this problem, by any chance.

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bonneywpg 2/22/2013

every part of a jeep is bound to fail at one point or the other. the time it takes for the part to stay on and give you proper service depends on the level of maintenance that you have accorded it. recalls are hard to find but I am positive that you will be able to find replacement parts at a cheaper price if you look around. you can also find other accessories for your jeep at http://4wheelonline.com/jeep/bestop.2447


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