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Mercy 9/14/2011

1992 Mercedes Benz 500SL Base 8 Cyl 5.0L

Steering & Suspension

Why does the right rear bounce, shimmy, and shake when I hit a dip or bump.

Mileage: 52,000.
One day while on a normal drive, the right rear of the car just starting to shimmy/shake whenever I hit a dip. It has gotten progressively worse as now when I hit a dip or bump, it bounces and shakes or shimmies only on the right rear wheel. I took the car into a Mercedes repair center and he drove it, then showed me some bar under the rear and charged me $400 to replace it, however, the car still bounces/shimmies and shakes on the right rear. The car really feels unsafe at speeds above 50mph. My brother-n-law, who drive Audi, said that his Audi started doing that and it turned out to be the right rear wheel bearing. I don't want to get ripped off again and would like help in diagnosing this problem. Thanks and I appreciate any help anyone can offer in diagnosing this problem.

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Spoon Sports

Spoon Sports 9/19/2011

When you are driving down the road and hit a bump, your car keeps bouncing for a while. This will gradually get worse as time goes by.


- The shock absorbers are worn or leaking.
- The shock mounts for the shock absorbers are broken or bent.

Spoon Sports

Mercy 9/20/2011

Hello Spoon Sports...sorry, shocks is not the answer. I forgot to mention that I figured that the problem was shocks and had a new set installed front and rear. The continues to shake, shimmy, and bounce when I hit a dip in the road. The car sit fine. It is not leaning! What do you think about struts. I'm wondering if the car has rear struts, if this could be the problem. Thanks for your response.

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