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Chappy 10/11/2018

2009 BMW X5 3.0si 6 Cyl 3.00L

Steering & Suspension

Rear Air suspension deflate

My x5 in morning both rear air suspension deflated. Replaced both air bags, checked O ring seals, and replaced valve block also new o ring seals. Soap sprayed to check for leaks " none found" started x5 air bags inflated to height of wheel well 32 inches, after short drive no faults , shut down x5 , couple hours later bags deflated to 30 inches, started took for ride, air bags inflated at initial start up, then after 1 kilometre " suspension level failure. Pulled over, rocked x5 listen for compressor, shut x5 off, waited restart, still no compressor. Parked, pulled splash shields, waited few hours, started x5, compressor engaged inflated air bags. I checked connections once more no leaks... Stumped? Maybe compressor bypass? Air compressor module? Rear height sensors? Any badly needed advice?
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