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Alec Counts

Alec ... 6/2/2022

2003 Toyota Tundra SR5 8 Cyl 4.70L


My radiators top tank cracked, while replacing the radiator, do I need to replace thermostat too?

I was on the highway and since my radiator tank has had a small leak in it. I noticed the level on the overflow tank was low, but not empty. So while the truck was running I topped it off by pouring coolant into the overflow tank. 10 minutes later down the road I noticed my truck was overheating which it has never done. So I pulled over immediately and noticed that there is a huge crack in my top radiator tank about 8 inches long. I am curious about what caused it to crack so when I replace it, it won't happen again. Could the coolant I put in have caused damage to anything? Or maybe I need to replace the thermostat?

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Jimm 6/2/2022

Replace the radiator, along with the upper and lower radiator hoses at the same time. No need or requirement to replace the thermostat, unless the thermostat is the cause of the overheating.

Try these various on-line auto parts vendors; www.autipartsanything.com, www.partsgeek.com, www.rockauto.com - to list only a few.


Alec Counts 6/6/2022

Do you think that the head gasket may have been the cause? If there was a leak in it could it have caused it to crack

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