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rsteadward 4/5/2010
1991 Honda Accord LX 4 Cyl 2.2L - Engine
The radiator overheats. Any ideas?
I have a 91 Honda Accord that starts to overheat when at a stop light or going slow. I think it is the temp sensor on the radiator because the fan won't come on to cool it but it came on when I bypassed the sensor. I want to make sure thats what it is. Is there anyone with the same problem they fixed or think they know what is wrong? I checked the relay and it's fine and like I said the fan works when we hot wire the fan.
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  • JimmyMustang
    JimmyMustang 4/5/2010
    Sounds like a temp sensor, its not telling the fan to kick on at the right time. It could also be bad wiring to the fan if your certain its not the realy, check for power and ground to the fan
  • sarge
    sarge 7/22/2010
    also check your thermostat

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