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Dennis lin

Dennis lin 9/10/2017

1990 Volvo 740 Base 4 Cyl 2.30L


Radiator misaligned but no overheating and no leaking

Recently got into an accident where the collision happened at the passenger blinker light. The radiator is misaligned but i was able to drive it back home (45 miles) without any over heating problems. There isn't any leaking problems and coolant level has been normal. and nothing is obstructing the fans. Anything i should look out for or any way i can realign it?

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Jimm 9/10/2017

Pressure test the cooling system - obtain a loaner cooling system pressure tester from any local auto parts store.

Need to determine any leaks or leak potential - do not want any surprises down the road.

As far as the radiator support alignment, best to have the damage checked by a reputable auto body repair shop in your area. Be sure to obtain a written estimate for the proposed repairs.


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