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MaBeaupre 2/15/2011
2001 BMW 320i Base 6 Cyl 2.2L - Engine
radiator level was low. Added 3/4 liter. First time 2 weeks ago added 1 cup. can't find leak. Can't smell coolant.
Rattling sound coming from front of car.
Sounds like water pump.
Car has 114,000 km.
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  • Bill
    Bill 2/15/2011
    Well better check again,prefferable when coolant hot for a leak, Coolant has to be going somewhere. Also check oil for any signs of a coolant on dipstick, Oil will look milky with visible small bubbles on dip stick to be sure coolant isn't entering crankcase.
    MaBeaupre 2/15/2011
    Thanks Bill,
    Did check oil and it's fine.
    You are correct, there must be a leak somewhere. Did stop at BMW garage (not dealer)2 weeks where they added very little coolant, and was told that at this mileage the car would require a coolant system overhaul for $1800.
    Not sure I want to go back there. The mechanic told me to monitor my coolant level. He said that it could leak and that I could possibly not see where it was leaking.
    the noise from the front of the car is new from last week
    Bill 2/16/2011
    HEY IF YOU WANT TO WRITE ME A CHECK FOR $1800.00 I might have a bridge for sale. Wait until engine warmed up, shut down,wait a couple of minutes for pressure to build up in cooling system and look vigilantly for any leak dripping under front of vehicle. If no luck, Do as deanb advised about calling around to find a reasonable shop to perform a cooling system pressure leak test.
    Bill 2/16/2011
    This rattling sound could be a fan clutch or an electric auxiliary fan meltdown.
  • deanb
    deanb 2/15/2011
    No visible leaks, oil checks fine, but losing coolant somewhere. Have you verified the coolant is not going into the combustion chamber? True, that if you're leaking enough your exhaust may have an antifreeze smell to it - particularly when warm. But if it's a miniscule leak, it may require a compression test at a reputable garage.
    MaBeaupre 2/16/2011
    Thanks guys,
    I will check it out this weekend. Driving the SUV all week, also to cold out (-20 Celcius).
    The rattle can't be the fan clutch, the car was cold and the fan was not on.
    Thinking it could be water pump bearing. Will check near pump for leak.
  • charles
    charles 2/17/2011
    put some pepper in raidadtor to stop leak my dad did this all the time for small leaks it works for me to.
    MaBeaupre 2/21/2011
    Well, took it for a drive on Saturday to go visit with my saab 900 turbo in storage. Made it there with a LOW COOLANT warning light on. Added coolant to expansion tank but noticed that it was going right trough it.Came back on a flat bed to the garage.
    I gess it was getting weak and it's time had come.
    It's in the shop now.
    Good thing the better half was not driving it.
    Thanks everybody for your input.


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