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Vanish ... 9/16/2016

1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass GLS 6 Cyl 3.10L


Radiator leaking, car stalled, won't start.

So my car was leaking coolant. I'm fairly certain it was the bottom hose that is the issue, not the actual radiator it's self. When it leaks and I have the hood popped, it sprays water/coolant out of the left side of my engine underneath, right by where you put the coolant into the reservoir. This morning my car stalled out, and started back up, stalled out again, and wouldn't start, but it still tried. So we pushed it into a parking lot, let it cool and put some water in it, and tried to start it again. For about half a second it was starting like normal, then nothing. Nothing at all, it's kinda like the battery is beyond dead, even beyond the clicking of a dead battery. You turn the key and there are no noises, it doesn't sputter or click, it does nothing. We let the car sit for about 4 hours, then tried to jump it. We had it sitting with the jumper cables on it for maybe 30 minutes or so, still nothing. Any ideas?

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