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Mylend Smith
Mylend ... 4/21/2011
2000 Jaguar S-Type Base 6 Cyl 3.0L - Preventive Maintenance
Is it ok for my radiator fan to run after the car has been turned off?
I had my a/c repaired but now the fan runs for a few mins after I shut the engine off. They say it's cooling the engine and that's the way jag made that model
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  • Zsizzle
    Zsizzle 4/21/2011
    Yeah it means you have an electric fan, so it pays no attention to whether the engine is running or not, it just keeps the engine cooled no matter what. Not an issue to lose sleep over.
  • frederick
    frederick 5/19/2011
    you should try changing out you thermostat. won't cost you very much,but may save you a lot in the long run (i mean big bucks ). engine running a little hot may causes the radiator fan to engage anyway .bacause it doesn't cost very much i change mine all the time just for safety sake. at least once every year or so. good luck
  • tremayne
    tremayne 5/20/2011
    sounds like the fan relay. It is mounted on the lower cooling fan bracket.

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