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sagisam 5/30/2011
1980 Mercedes Benz 450SLC Base 8 Cyl 4.5L - Engine
my question deals with spark plug wires
do you have spark plug wire ends to fit spark plug sku# 13A238753 because on my vehicle 79 mercedes 450 slc the spark plug tip must be removed and the tip does not come off of these spark plugs or do you have any oyher suggestion to correct problem my e-mail address is [email protected]
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  • Jimm
    Jimm 5/30/2011
    You can browse many of the different on-line parts sources. For example the replacement ignition cables cost range from around $36.00 to around $119.00 for the set as listed on
  • sagisam
    sagisam 9/27/2012
    how can i get more horse power from this engine

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