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ignition switch

igniti ... 10/18/2010

2004 Chevrolet Epica LS 6 Cyl 2.5L

Steering & Suspension

when I put the key in the switch it doesn't start.

2 Answers


jim 10/23/2010

you might needa new key some have a computer in the key it self


DrkShdw983 10/23/2010

Not starting is different from the key not turning. If they key doesn't turn than make sure you play with it some. Some cars are pretty particular about how far the key is stuck in or sometimes wiggling the wheel a little bit allows it to turn. However, if the key does turn but the car doesn't start you have a few more things you can check:
1.) Battery cables: make sure they're on tight and not corroded. If they are than remove the cables from the battery and clean all contact surfaces before reinstalling the cables. If necessary, replace the connectors.
2.) The battery itself: have it tested for free at a local auto store like advanced auto parts or autozone. If it fails the test than replace the battery, if it passes than move on to the next step.
3.) The starter electrical system: Check the fuses and relays associated with starting the car and replace any parts that are bad (eg: blown fuses, corroded wires, anything you can find).
4.) The starter motor: replace the starter motor with a new one.

Hope this helps!


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