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Debbie 6/5/2012

1989 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 8 Cyl 5.0L


I have put several cans of freon to get ac to run cold. it lasts about 15 minutes. What is causing the ac not to be cold

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Jimm 6/5/2012

When your car air conditioning is blowing hot air, this means that refrigerant cannot absorb the heat coming from your car passenger compartment.

This kind of problem is often caused by a refrigerant leak or a clogged condenser.

If you have a steady reduction of cold air from your car air conditioning system, the possibility is that the refrigerant is slowly leaking out of the hose or seal.

Another reason for the gradual reduction of cold air produced by your car air conditioning system is the clogged condenser but this is only a contributing factor.

To correct the problem, you must first check the condenser for dirt, debris or bug that is building up outside the car condenser, this is the part that is like a mini-radiator mounted in front of your car radiato. Try to clean this with a soft brush also, spraying with pressurized water will do. This may improved your car air conditioning problem.


TB1 8/9/2012

Sounds like your ac controls are not functioning properly, you have a leak in one of your high side or low side lines, a leak in one of your fittings, or your a/c compressor is not engaging. You should hear a click noise whenever it kicks on with the hood up while you are "charging" the system with freon. Make sure that your engine is running at least 5 minutes with ac on full blast before you even hook up your can and hose to the service port. Make sure that you are turning the can from side to side as you are dumping that refrigerant in. Hopefully you have a re-charge kit that has a built in gauge to see progress, if any. if you put in a 37 psi charge that is not there the next day, time to replace some fittings or lines. if the compressor does not "see" the minimum to correct amount of refrigerant, it will not kick on and stay runnning. There are low limits and high limits to which the compressor will operate. Hope this helps.


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