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Russel ... 2/1/2012
1993 Mazda MX-3 GS 6 Cyl 1.8L - Engine
have to push gas pedal to get it to start wont stay running
I changed the plugs & rotor cleaned cap changed oil, cleaned battery need to change fuel filter if I can find it
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  • Spoon Sports
    Spoon Sports 2/1/2012
    I just went through this. There is a rubber boot that goes between the air sensor and the engine intake. Check to see if it has a rip any where. Mine did and the air sensor could not detect a vacuum at idle and the engine cut off.

    The boot is a dealer item, about $60 or $70.
    Spoon Sports
    Russelfixit 2/2/2012
    yes it does have a crack on the under side of that boot thank you
  • Spoon Sports
    Spoon Sports 2/2/2012
    Oh yeah im on a roll with these questions :) Congrats chief

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