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Cody Beaudoin

Cody ... 11/18/2020

2006 Infiniti G35 Base 6 Cyl 3.50L


Purchasing g35 on its third engine

I'm looking at this g35 from a guy from work and it's exactly what I want for a decent price. Can't find any other like it but a year ago at 100k miles his engine let go. So he replaced it with another with the same mileage. 6 months into that motor it gave out on him and it was under warranty so he got it replaced. He said the shop has had it for almost 6 months and he just got it back. Seems to be running really well but he's taking it to another shop before I try and purchase it just to get a 2nd opinion on it he said, any clue why it's on its third motor? I really want this car but I'm worried I'm making a mistake. It seems in very very good condition beside the engine going out,

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Jimm 11/19/2020

There is no way to determine engine (motor) failures without thorough diagnosis and testing.

Did the previous owner keep the engine oil level correct? Were there regular oil and filter changes? What was the maintenance, and driving history of the previous engines - prior to being installed in the '06 G35?

Really no way to determine is there.

If you believe buying the vehicle may be a mistake - then do not make the purchase.


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