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george m ward

george ... 7/14/2011

2003 Mercedes Benz CLK500 Base 8 Cyl 5.0L


I am purchasing the ECU upgrade kit and i wanted to confirm that the programing will eliminate the 137 mph top end

and add approx how much horsepower? Are there any exhaust, dual or quad conversion products that are available to also add power? Thanks...George M Ward

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Spoon Sports

Spoon Sports 7/15/2011

I love this question!!!

Can you provide me the part number? Is it the one from Jet?

Now for your exhaust, depends on your budget, but you see, im quite the purist when it comes to benzes the only brands i recognize would be

1. Brabus
2. AMG
3. Lorinser
4. Carlsson
5. RENNtech???
6. Kleeman

Now if you can give me your budget, i can give you lots of other options. Although my first impression is youre one of the guys who can really spend on these beasts :)

As far as i know there 2 sure ways you can get the limiter removed

2. From Kleeman or the other tuners i just listed.


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