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JIm Mathews

JIm ... 5/7/2014

1988 Mercedes Benz 420SEL Base 8 Cyl 4.2L


Purchased this car with retrofitted R134 AC. Brought to local Shop. They put 2 pounds 134 in and cannot get AC cold

Car does not get even slightly Cold. I was told maybe mono valve, etc. Blower motor works fine. Just no Cold AC at all!! They want to put in a new compressor, drier, etc!!

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GT500Knights 5/7/2014

Did they also include the necessary oil into the system? Without the oil, the compressor will fail. There are many things that can go wrong with the ac system, and it is very prone to leaks. Even the smallest leaks can cause the refrigerant to leak from the system within a weeks time, preventing the system from turning on (safety feature for compressor if refrigerant level is too low)

Also I just looked up your car on alldata, 2 lbs is too much refrigerant. It's actually supposed to be about 1 lb 12 oz.


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