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ShoqAndAwe 4/26/2011
2005 Maserati Quattroporte Base 8 Cyl 4.2L - Preventive Maintenance
Can someone provide a step by step for replacing the oil on the QP?
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  • Spoon Sports
    Spoon Sports 4/26/2011

    Unfortunately chief, your car is not the typical car that any repair shop can service, you need a shop/mechanic that is trained to do even a simple job. Give em a call

    I have a feeling its not the typical "remove the drain plug" sort of job so these guys are here to be of service to you

    Spoon Sports
    ShoqAndAwe 4/26/2011

    Appreciate the reply but I am just trying to find the series of plugs that need to be pulled. An oil change is and oil change. Pull the plugs, change the filter and refill. I see two 10 mm allen plugs but there should be another 22mm hex which I believe is behind shielding which I do not want to pull off if it is not there. also, need to know the torques to replace for the crush washers to seat.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Fast911ray
    Fast911ray 4/2/2012
    Removing the two hex plugs found on the sump will drain less than a litre of oil. Since the motor is of 'Dry Sump' design, the oil supply is carried in a reservoir found at the right front corner of the engine bay. Draining requires removal of the cheap cardboard front under tray and locating the oil reservoir's 24mm drain plug. After that its a simple matter..just do not overfill!

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