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meticu ... 3/1/2011

1987 Ford Country Squire LX 8 Cyl 5.0L


What product works best for what problem I have?

I changed the oil a week before( the water pump incident) because of water present in the cap and filler neck-I thought it was due to excessive winter idleing.When it is running I noticed steam coming out of the neck when engine is cold, I never checked it when hot.This is done outdoors at very cold temps.The water pump was weeping which told me that was next to fix.I tried to empty the radiator drain plug ,nothing was coming out due to deposits built up at the bottom of the radiator. I got it to flow out and empty.I filled the system with water and system cleaner.Followed the instructions carefully. I've done this before and are familiar with the process but only in the summertime.Which takes hours to cool down to do the backflush with the garden hose and repeat the process over again.I couldn't believe how fast it cools down in frezing temps.I got a lot of rust out of the system.Final step close up system and fill with antifreeze mix and run motor.It overheats now.I get no heat at th

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Bill 3/1/2011

You may just have to get it professionally flushed. You may have got rust particles in thermostst spring and thet is keeping thermostat from opening properly. I would replace thermostat, while system is open flush more thru to get as much rust out as possible. After reassembling use some solder block seal in coolant in case rust was holding things together.


meticulousMike 3/2/2011

if the thermostat was stuck or bad, i would still get coolant to the heater core.Like i said before,when i got the level in the radiator low enough to look into it while it was running and hot i saw no circulation=bad pump.I didn' t check for play at the shaft of the pump yet.What do I have? a cracked block , cracked or warped heads or blown head gasket? and what product would you recommend using to fix er'?..I know what your answer would be to tell your customers based on your profile.thanks.

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