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drumdoctor 3/29/2021

1988 Chevrolet Camaro Base 8 Cyl 5.00L


What problems can I expect with an engine that has not been started since 2005?

Looking at a vehicle that has a Chevy 350 with an automatic transmission--
it has been sitting in a garage since 2005.
What problems can I expect from this engine and trans from sitting so long?

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Jimm 3/30/2021

Check the fluid levels; change the engine oil and filter to remove residual moisture. Remove each of the spark plugs and squirt a small amount of aerosol penetrating oil into each cylinder.

Check the transmission fluid level and refill as necessary. Charge the battery and chack the engine vacuum hoses, radiator hoses, drive belt - replce as necessary.

If all these items are completed and checked OK - then try and start the engine.

With the passage of time and inactivity - you may find the engine seals and gaskets have hardened or aged, such that there are engine oil leaks, fuel leaks, transmission fluid leaks.

The most difficult period of time for any engine and transmission (vehicle in general) is when it sits for long periods of time without driving it - extended storage.


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