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medicman 8/26/2011

1998 Ford Contour SE 4 Cyl 2.00L


having problems with my drivers side front brake

hey folks i need some serious help with a problem on my sons car. My son has a 98 ford contour se and when your driving it down the road and hit the brake the caliper is forced into the wheel and it makes an awful noise. I have been working on this problem for a couple of weeks now and frankly I dont know what to do next. I have put a brand new caliper with pins and bushings, rotor was turned, new brake hose, new pads, it still does it. I jacked the vehicle up put it on stands and had my wife start it put it in drive while i was underneath it wathing and every time she let off the gas and put on the brake the caliper would give a little making it rub against the inside of the wheel. I even put the tire that was on back on front and it still does it. I reconfirmed that they sold me the right caliper and they did. any help I sure would be grateful thanks

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CVO 8/27/2011

Swap the wheel from the driver's side to the passenger side to see if that noise will follow by the wheel.
Visit this site and see their detailed instructions to re-inspect the brake caliber as well as the disc rotor.



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