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vincent 1/31/2012

1983 Honda Accord LX 4 Cyl 1.8L


the problem is when we are driving and we use the brakes the calipers lock up

the master cylinder has been replaced and the right caliper has been replaced and and th ebrake booster is brand new and the front brakes continue to lock up due to the pressure in the brake lines do not depressurize and it does it after we hit the brakes when we drive and there is no warning lights on at all

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thoiroi27 2/1/2012

check for the clips both side these clips are on the flexible hose and these hose lead to the caliper it use 10mm bolt. i think someone may over tie. uncrew couple turn or may be more and try brake see that release the pressure. this problem happen to me 30 year ago it take me 2 moths to find the problem
good luck hope this is your problem. I am 100% this is the problem


monteur 2/1/2012

I would advise you to replace the flexible brake hoses on both sides.Because of the age of the vehicle these flexible hoses tend to swell on the inside so that they restrict the flow of brake fluid back to the master cylinder.This keeps the pressure in the calipers causing the brakes to lock up.


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