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bobking28 11/11/2015

1992 Isuzu Stylus S 4 Cyl 1.60L


What could be the problem with my car, Vacuum sealing the engine, fuel delivery problem, or a clogged air or fuel filter

I just got the car about a month ago. The car runs okay for 290k miles, and so I wanted to play it safe and get a oil change and fuel filter change as soon as possible. The change went well but the car was still idling rough. One of the mechanics recommended that I get tune up, and so while I was tuning up my car, I will admit that I mixed up the spark plug wires and turned the car on a few times. I was able to finish the tune up, however, after the tune up I have been experiencing drastic lose of horse power while driving. The only thing I did during the tune up is change the spark plugs, the spark plug wires, the rotary cap, the rotary button, and the air filter. After the change I have noticed that the air intake sounds a lot more "violent" and almost like its sucking through a straw. That was about a week before, and now I am not even able to move it from my driveway. Now when I start the car it sounds like it is almost starving, and when I move it, I need to remain at a high rpm.

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Jimm 11/12/2015

Recheck the spark plug gap (Gap = 0.044 inch) on each plug, and while the spark plugs are removed, make sure the plug wires are correct and not crossed.

The firing order is 1-3-4-2 with the distributor rotation counterclockwise.


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