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Ana 3/6/2011

1991 Daihatsu Rocky SE 4 Cyl 1.6L


what is the problem my car no turn on

I have a question my car one problem the car no turn on. The baterry is new and change the alternetor.All lighth in the panel turn on but the car no turn on Some occation turn on. The car have 124.000 mile.

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jlofwash 3/6/2011

when you hit the key to try to start the car, do you hear the click or any noise at all? if you dont hear a click, check the starter relay, its on the inside fender of the vehicle. that is the relay that sends the voltage from the battery to the starter solinoid.if you do hear a click from the relay, next you need to verify the 12 volts is getting to the starter solinoid, for that youll need a volt meter.


farthing 8/18/2011

my car is making a loud click, but wont turn over. I have tried to get a jump, but it just makes the click sound, could it be just my battery or is the starter shot?

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