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Nando 3/22/2019

2004 BMW 545i Base 8 Cyl 4.40L


What is the problem for my car not starting but cranks?

My car one day was running and the engine shuts off but the electricity was still on. Then I tried to start it, it made a noise where it wants to start but chokes on itself (sounds different translating it to English) and I check online on what the problem might be and what must change. I changed the spark plugs, ignition coil are in great condition, changed the exhaust side camshaft (passenger side behind engine), changed crankshaft under the car and did some trick some people did online that made their work if there was no code (such as Mass air flow sensor might be causing the problem and disconnected it and turn it on and it work to them as when I tried, nothing. So, now I'm here trying to see if there's anyone that may be a mechanic and is generous enough to tell me on what to do and see where to go. Also, I'm 100% sure not the timing chain there's no rattling noise when I was driving it before it shut down and there's no noise when I'm trying to crank it now.

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