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Alisha 4/14/2010

2000 Buick Park Avenue Base 6 Cyl 3.8L


What is the problem when my car is constantly jerking like it wants to go when I am stopped, plus the rpm's fluctuating?

The Rpm's keep going up and down, up and down even when I am in park and just turned it on. I have to turn it off as soon as I turn it on because I am afraid it will explode!

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deckmanASE 4/14/2010

It might be a fuel injection problem, if the rpms are fluctuating a lot you should be getting a "Service Engine Soon" light. That will give a shop an idea of what is the problem. I would have them check the Mass Air Flow Sensor, or the idle bypass valve.


Alisha 4/15/2010

If that was the problem what could the cost be around?

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