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lowd46 2/4/2013

1998 Dodge Dakota Sport 4 Cyl 2.5L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

No pressure on clutch pedal when depressed.

Changed clutch, slave, bled master and still no pedal.

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HouseCallAuto 2/4/2013

so if this were my jo to find the cause of the no pedal at this point, what you need to do is remove the slave cylinder and look in there at where the slave cylinder pushrod pushes against, the clutch fork. Check that there is not a hole in the part that receives the pushrod tip, causing the pushrod of theslave to go through it without hitting against resistance. If there is no hole, manually push on that same clutch fork with a suitable tool (you become the slave) and see if the clutch feels like it disengages (the engine is off by the way). Follow this to rule out a mechanical cause.


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