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J. Tardif

J. Tardif 9/4/2010

1994 Mercury Grand Marquis GS 8 Cyl 4.6L

Body & Interior

Power window motor works, but window won't go up or down.

The motor is working and turning the cable that goes to the top of the window. You just hear a sort of clicking noise at the top when the switch is depressed. Is there some sort of gear at the top that makes the window go up and down?

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Mr. Merrill

Mr. Merrill 5/19/2012

There is a metal cable on a plastic pulley, this is a huge problem. Sooner or later the metal cable shreds the pulley. The motor works and everything and the cable moves. but the pulley won't allow the window to move up and down.
You need a new pulley but you can only replace the whole window track that allows the window to go up or down.
I've had to replace 4 in the driver side front door, 2 in the passenger side front door, and the both back doors are bad because of the metal cable on the plastic pulley. If only they used a metal pulley.
Good Luck

Mr. Merrill

plisa0564 4/20/2013

what if the cable that goes to the pulley snaps? Mine did and I don't know how to fix this problem. The pulley seems to be intact.

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