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Ram Tuff

Ram Tuff 7/19/2012

2006 Chevrolet HHR LS 4 Cyl 2.2L

Steering & Suspension

the power steering light comes on can't steer

the power steering light comes on very hard to steer, goes on and off. everytime I drive.It happens mainly on hot days...but can happen even when just taking a 5 minute drive. This has been happing for a few months

2 Answers


Jimm 7/29/2012

First step -check the steering fluid level in the reservoir - make sure it's propely filled. Next step, check the power steering drive belt for slipping / wear / glazed spots. If worn, then replace the steering drive belt. Check the belt tensioner at the same time - replace as required.
Check the power steering system for leaking components - place a section of cardboard underneath the vehicle after driving to determine any particular leak point.


HouseCallAuto 7/29/2012

Your HHR has electric power steering. Check the fuse for being open. That is about all you can do. Besides that, the system is diagnosed by attaching a professional shop grade scan tool to read the power steering fault codes and live data.


nikatine 8/7/2012

I encountered the same problem that grew progressively worse and more frequent. The only way to Getty power steering back on was to stop and restart car. After research there is no recall issued for this vehicle. Took it to mechanic. All the codes he pulled stated it was the steering column. After 600.00 to replace issue persists. Waiting to see what the follow up action is.

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