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Don 3/23/2010
2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Base 6 Cyl 5.9L - Brakes
No power steering or power brakes, replaced Power steering pump, still same. Level is good on fluid
This is odd because when I parked it all was fine, didn't show signs of an increasing problem. When I next started it all hydraulics weren't working. I can't see the belt that runs the pump, it isn't the same one (serpentine) that runs most everything else. It is under some sort of cover on the drivers side possibly enclosing the turbo pump.
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  • Rixtoday
    Rixtoday 4/13/2010
    pwr brakes are run off of vacuum, pwr steering is belt driven. the two have no connection. check for vacuum hose leak or booster leak. pwr steering check for hose leak.
  • kevin
    kevin 4/13/2010
    chances are that your ram has hydraboost brakesthat are ran off p/spump im not shure on the cumapart engine how the p/s pump is dealer.let me know if i'mcorrect thanks.

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