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fred 4/20/2010

2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty XLT 8 Cyl 7.3L


low on power need to know what to look for or check

my last turbo diesel seemed to have more snap...I may possibly have up-pipe leaks although none visable....or intercooler boot leaks....how or what can I check?.

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HouseCallAuto 4/20/2010

First thing to do is replace the fuel filter on the top of the engine. If it still lacks the power after changing the filter (I know you may have replaced it already) then the fuel restriction is probably in the small diameter filters that are inside the fuel pump hanger assembly. ( I just had the same problem on a 2000 F350 diesel flatbed and for that I had access to the top of the tank without removing the tank - I got very lucky or rather my customer did) If you can get access to the fuel pump, (you probably have to drain and remove the fuel tank, remove the fuel pump and carefully take the plastic body apart and you will see the clogged small diameter filters (there are two) and you can either clean them out or buy two new ones (from Ford only I think). That will very likely solve the problem you have.


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