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Mrt. K

Mrt. K 4/1/2010

2002 Honda Civic LX 4 Cyl 1.7L


Poping Noise from stops and stops, small turns.

The honda is at 120000 miles, bought it second hand from the dealer, it was a rental when new. I hear a poping noise "Klock" sound when I take off from a hill, or following short quick stops, or tight small turns. Repeats illregular in 1 to 5 miles city driving. Is it brake related, or is it something to look after? I have heard this sound from other Japan, cars passing bye. Is it common?

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tom 4/6/2010

check your axle joints, if the bags around the u joints are cracked, or broken the joints wear out quickly. if you hear a clicking on sharp turns, this could be it.


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