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craig 6/8/2011

1982 Mercedes Benz 240D Base 4 Cyl 2.4L


poor acceleration from start, won't go more than 45mph up hill

idles high at stop
recent valve job

2 Answers

Nissan Technical Advisor

PCV valve needs to be replaced because its clogged.

benz guy 888

benz guy 888 11/10/2011

do you notice any leak with the fuel lines?when was the last time it was serviced?here are some suggestions that might help...1) check the air filters, it might need to be replaced, 2)check the fuel filters, it might need replacement,3)check the fuel lines and the seals if there are leaks, if it is worn out, air might get in.if it is leaking or the seals are worn out, have the lines/hoses replaced and 4) check the fuel tank for any sediments that could clog the lines, you have to get this cleaned.all of these may contribute to your car's problem.it maybe one or a combination of the above...hope this helps...tell me how it turns out...benz guy 888


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