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ti8kitty 11/12/2011
2001 Mercedes Benz CLK55 AMG Base 8 Cyl 5.5L - Preventive Maintenance
Po 450
Code what does mean
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  • headache
    headache 11/12/2011
    hi tite kitty!you have a vacuum leak detection preasure switch stuck open or closed,so you could take it to a shop an have them fix it 4u?to bad cause i could fix it 4u u 4 less than half the price a shop will charge u!well good luck!an i love ur screen name,so is the kitty tite???lol
    ti8kitty 11/13/2011
    Yes sir and thx u where are you located ?
    headache 11/16/2011
    im in ontario,calif. where are u located?cuz i have sumthing big 4 ur ti8kitty!my # is (909) 609-8802 hit me up Gorgeous

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